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all docs are in pdf format unless otherwise noted

2016 --- Rocky Brooks --- UK Trial --- US Trial --- Excerpts --- unassorted


Amber Heard Extortion Letter / images (2 versions)
HeardTRO3 via Buzzfeed
Amber Laura Heard - Deposition - August 13, 2016 or Word doc (on twitter) with thanks to The Right Side of the Roaring Rapids

The following docs can be found on a separate page (images only):

2016-05-23 - Divorce Filing
2016-05-25 - Divorce Response
2016-05-27 - Amber Heard - Financial Documents
2016-05-27 - TRO filing
2016-06-13 - Amber Heard Declaration
2016-06-13 - Statement by iO Tillett Wright in support of restraining order
2016-06-16 - TRO Modification
2016-08-08 - Amber Heard's witness & exhibition list
2016-08-08 - Johnny Depp's witness & exhibition list
2016-08-16 - TRO dismissal

Rocky Brooks

all documents related to the Rocky Brooks vs. Johnny Depp case can now be found here.

UK Trial (top)

All UK Trial documents can be found here.

US Trial (incl. pre-trial) (top)

All Fairfax documents can be found here.

all documents related to JD's motion to compel the ACLU can be found here via New York State Unified Court System, Index Number 154545/2021

Eric George Deposition (April 05, 2021) via TugTiny

JD/US Trial-related:

220708 - New York Marine and General v Amber Heard Complaint (July 08, 2022) with thanks to Edy *new* added on July 11, 2022

(note: while I understand that many people are interested in this case, I will not cover it any further than this (other than maybe the outcome), since Johnny Depp is neither the plaintiff, nor the defendant)

Excerpts (top)

all excerpts can be found here.

unassorted (top)

The following doc can be found on a separate page (images only):
March 2008:2008-03-07 - Amber Heard changing name to Amber Van Ree

via THR:

Dec 2009: Depp-Mandel-Email

June 2016: Heard-Defamation-Complaint

Jan 2017: TMG-v-Depp-Cross-Complaint
July 2017: Depp-Tentative-Ruling
Oct 2017: Depp-v-Bloom
Dec 2017: Bloom-v-Depp
Dec 2017: Depp-v-Bloom-answer

Aug 2018: Depp-Bloom-Ruling-on-Motion-for-Judgment-on-the-Pleadings

Feb 2020: Franco-Motion-to-Strike
March 2020: Depp-v-Heard-March-27-Opinion
May 2020: Depp-v-NGN-May-18-Decision
May 2020: Inglessis-Declaration
May 2020: Inglessis-Motion-to-Quash
May 2020: NGN-Opposition

via New York Post:

June 2016: Amber-Heard-Johnny-Depp-court-documents


May 2016: amber_heard_johnny_depp_court_declarations
May 2016: amber_heard_johnny_depp_divorce

Jan 2017: tmg_vs_johnny_depp

May 2018: arreola & sanchez vs johnny depp via an Amber supporter who has been so vile about Johnny and his supporters that I will no longer link them *update, July 13, 2022*

March 2019: tmg_vs_johnny_depp
April 2019: Amber Heard - Motion To Dismiss


Declaration - Samantha McMillen (April 2019)
Declaration - Johnny Depp (May 2019)
Declaration - Kevin Murphy (May 2019)
Declaration - Laura Divenere (June 2019)
Declaration - David Killackey (Nov 2019)
Declaration - Jeffrey Smele (March 2020)