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Info regarding the "Exhibits by Year" list

01) Linked exhibits in the "exhibits" column are pdfs, except for video or audio files (m4a, mp4, mov).

02) The photos in the pdfs look a bit different (usually darker) than the actual photos, this can be due to printing, scanning etc. and does NOT mean that the photos were edited. Whenever possible, I have added HQs of the actual photos.

03) "via other sources" = exhibits NOT via the Fairfax exhibit page (HQs of pics, screenshots/screencaps, video clips, transcripts, court docs, court doc excerpts, links to articles etc.)

04) "duplicate" means either that an exhibit is on one party's exhibit list more than once (DefX = DefY / PltX = PltY) OR that both parties have the same exhibit in their exhibit list (DefX = PltY)

If "exhibit X" is listed as a duplicate of "exhibit Y", I'm not trying to imply anything by it (like which one is the original/copy), it just means this exhibit is listed more than once and is, in this list, the same as the one listed above it.

What is listed as duplicates is either based on the Defendant's Objections to Plaintiff's Exhibits doc or comparison of their Bates Numbers (BN).

05) If the date for a Plt exhibit has an additional "(Def)" after it, that means there was no date listed for it in the Plaintiff's exhibit list, but the same exhibit is on the Defendant's exhibit list and the date for the Plt exhibit is based on the date given for the Def exhibit. (There was never a case where it was the other way around.)

I did notice that you can't always trust the dates in the exhibit descriptions, though.

06) Transcripts of audio or video exhibits, if known which audio/video they belong to, are listed with their respective audio/video exhibit, even though the transcripts were of course made years later.

07) Regarding the ECB (Eastern Columbia Building) surveillance videos:

Entered into evidence by team JD: Plt250-336 (all 87 videos, incl. the corrupt one)

Entered into evidence by team AH: Def666, Def668-Def673, Def680-Def688, Def690-Def696, Def729, Def743-Def746, Def750-Def753, Def755, Def780G, Def780R, Def780X, Def789A, Def789B, Def789G, Def789H, Def789L, Def789N, Def789R (43 videos)

I only added the links to the Plt files, not the Def ones (those can still be found on the US Trial Exhibits page), because they are all duplicates and the Plt ones are all of them minus the corrupt one.

In Brandon Patterson's deposition video he was asked about many* of the ECB clips (generally to confirm authenticity, sometimes to confirm people appearing in them) that were not published to the jury. Since with a lot of them I couldn't be sure which ones he was shown, I didn't specify those/mark those as "used", only the published ones.

(* I'm assuming he was asked to authenticate all of them, but that not all were brought up in the deposition video shown during the trial, because it was shortened)