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2 hour audio recording
(recorded on September 26, 2015):

mp3: Audio Recording pt 01 & pt 02 via courttv

(removed the youtube versions, because they were deleted by the uploader)


via Kinsey_Crosby
September 2015 Part 1 (pdf) (orig source with link to Google docs: Part 1)
September 2015 Part 2 (pdf) (orig source with link to Google docs: Part 2)

Recording 2015 (pdf) via agirlofthenorth

Phone call audio recording
(recorded presumably in June 2016):

download clip (mp4)


or watch on yt: NEW (FULL) Phone Call Johnny + Amber: “Nobody will believe you’re a victim!!”

Transcript via unknown (if anyone knows the source, please let me know):
Phone call transcript (pdf)