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UPDATE, June 06, 2022: The survey is closed now, but you can still see the results when you click on "See previous responses" below.

Quick notes:

01) If you get a seeminly blank page after voting, you have to scroll up!

02) We had to remove the "other" option for questions 1, 2 & 7, because the amount of replies we got with that was an issue for the graphics on the results page, sorry about that!

03) For the gender question we had to remove the option to comment on "other", because there were both too many similar replies, just spelled/phrased differently, therefore again making it an issue for the graphic, as well as a few replies of people trying to be funny. We don't mean to dismiss or offend anyone with this change and hope everyone understands!

04) For Q2 the "boycott" options were added much later when there were already 1k+ and 2k+ votes.

The survey was created by a group of JD supporters (see list at the bottom of the page), it is administrated by Luna and hosted on my (Angy) website. For contact information if you have any questions or problems, see bottom of the page!

If you have any questions about the questions/answers of the survey, feel free to DM/tweet Vi Strife (French), Kim Gaumond (English & French), Mellow (English), Horae of Peace (Russian), not the donna but a dynamo (Portuguese, Spanish & English), Christa Aly Nic (English & basic French), ayca gurelman (Turkish), classicpaws (German) or myself (German & English).

If you have any issues with the survey not working properly, you can DM me or tweet me here as well.

List of everyone who contributed to the survey (in alphabetical order):

Andra Mara, Angy, Anna Giulia, ayca gurelman, Carolina, carrieta, Christa Aly Nic, classicpaws, Elizabeth Wilmot, Elizabeth Winters, Halos & Siths, Horae of Peace, Kat Johnson, Kim Gaumond, Jay, joann hess, julia, julie aziz, Luna, M, Maya, Mellow, Nor33, not the donna but a dynamo, TheLadyAutist, UnJustice, Vi Strife, voodoo doll