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Additional Fairfax Docs - Exhibits

Source: Fairfax County.


01) These documents/exhibits are NOT "unsealed documents", they were never sealed!

More notes, specifically for Amber supporters who have made certain accusations (hidden for space) (click to expand)

02) Neither were these documents "leaked". They were bought from Fairfax County, just like the previously posted trial day transcripts, deposition transcripts and proffer exhibits, some of which were bought by people on Reddit, incl., if I'm not mistaken, Amber supporters themselves.

03) They were also not "part of the unsealed docs crowdfunded months ago and withheld until now because of the Aquaman 2 trailer" or "conveniently shared right before the release of the A2 trailer".

Here's the timeline:

- I ordered the docs on Aug 31.

- Payment was sent on Sept 01 via money order and arrived late Friday, Sept 08.

- I received the docs on Monday, Sept 11. I posted the deposition transcripts that same day.

- I couldn't post the exhibits yet, because those took more time. You get the docs as one big pdf, so you have to split them into individual files. There were a lot of exhibits/pages and I had to make sure that I split them up correctly and then had to rename the files. I also wanted to add them to the more thorough exhibit list, which meant converting them into jpgs and renaming and coding everything, which took some time and when I was finally done, on Sept 13, I posted them.

So when I ordered the docs, it hadn't even been announced yet that the trailer was being released soon. And when I posted the exhibits, I didn't even know when exactly the trailer was gonna be released, I had seen some tweet about the upcoming release of it a few days or so before, but I didn't pay any attention to when that would be and pretty much forgot all about it, because I do not care.

04) Re Plt938: Dr. Hughes was NOT Amber's therapist, she was her EXPERT therapist, there's a big difference. These notes are not Amber's "therapy/therapist notes", they are notes made by her expert for the purpose of the US trial. Which leads me to...

... "invasion of privacy" (click to expand)

05) ... "invasion of privacy". Again, this was Amber's expert. Hired for the US trial. So Amber would have known that anything she told Dr. Hughes could be used during the trial.

I also didn't see any outcry over "invasion of privacy" for any of the other medical notes being shared. Dr. Bonnie Jacobs, Dr. Alan Blaustein, Dr. Connell Cowan, Dr. David Kipper, nurse Debbie Lloyd, nurse Erin Falati, Dr. Laurel Anderson. At least some of which, as mentioned above, were purchased by Amber supporters, as far as I'm aware. But somehow sharing the notes by Dr. Hughes is an invasion of privacy? Okay.....


The following docs were paid for by myself.

Plt6 - 8/25/16 Email re $100K Donation (ACLU)

Plt13 - 11/29/18 Email re Op-Ed (ACLU)

Plt14 - 12/10/18 Email re Op-Ed placement (ACLU)

Plt16 - 12/13/18 Email re Edits to Op-Ed (ACLU)

Plt17 - 12/17/18 Email re Op-Ed placement (ACLU)

Plt21 - 12/19/18 Email re USA Today Coverage (ACLU)

Plt22 - 12/19/18 Email re USA Today Coverage (ACLU)

Plt25 - 7/30/20 Email re Reuters Inquiry (ACLU)

Plt40 - Debbie Lloyd Notes

Plt42 - 6/22-24/14 Treatment Record

Plt47 - 12/17/15 Patient Record

Plt60 - X-Rays of Finger

Plt120D - Depp Text Messages
(Text sent from Amber to Malcolm)

Plt120F - Depp Text Messages
(Texts sent from Amber to Johnny, except for one JD text that was not redacted)

Plt219 - Arbitration Demand

Plt245 - Text messages between Whitney Henriquez and Johnny Depp

Plt576 - Text messages between Amber Heard and Christian Carino
(note: I blacked out Chris Carino's home address)

Plt577 - Text message from Amber Heard to Christian Carino

Plt578 - Text message from Amber Heard to Christian Carino

Plt584 - 12/20/18 Email from Christian Carino to Jack Whigham

Plt938 - Notes (by Amber's expert Dr. Hughes)

Plt938 - Notes (searchable) (Dr. Hughes notes) with thanks to adiposity256 *added Oct 07, 2023*

Plt1246 - Intake Form (Background information questionnaire Dr. Hughes uses)
(this is a redacted version of the last 6 pages of Plt938)

Plt1247 - Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale for DSM-5

Plt1283 - Texts (texts sent by Whitney Henriquez to Johnny Depp)

Plt1301 - Instagram Post (IG Post/Photo - Johnny & Amber at the Raffles Hotel during their honeymoon)

Plt1316 - Photo (photo of Amber & Rocky on May 28, 2016)

Plt1317 - Photo (photo of Amber, Rocky & Josh on May 28, 2016)

Def220 - Dr. Kipper notes re Initial Consultation, 5/22/14

Def246 - Dr. Kipper - Johnny Depp Progress Notes, 6/11/14

Def301 - Email - Lloyd to Blaustein, 10/26/14

Def360 - Gold Coast Univ. Hosp. ER record and x-rays, 3/8/15

Def393 - Texts - Depp and Holmes, 3/7/15

Def461 - Amber Heard journal entry, 7/27/15

Def821 - Texts - Depp and Dembrowski - Want her replaced on WB film

Def857 - Texts - Depp and Carino, 8/15/16

Def857A - Texts - Depp and Carino, 8/15/16

Def1050 - Blaustein - handwritten notes

Def1055 - Boerum - nursing notes, 4/7/16 6/28/16

Def1077 - Nose diagram, undated

Def1783 - Native Photograph - Amber Heard

Def1859 - Photo (train photo via easternorientalexpress on fb)

Def1905 - Photo Depp/Child (Photos - Bangkok, Thailand, July 24, 2015)

*all of the above docs were added on Sept 13, 2023*


The following OCRed (= made searchable) docs were shared by adiposity256 on Reddit / here.

Unfortunately I don't know who originally posted them, I was only told they were paid for by various people on Reddit.

Dr. Alan Blaustein Exhibit V (Therapist Notes) (Def301 - Email - Lloyd to Blaustein, 10/26/14)

Dr. Alan Blaustein Exhibit W (Therapist Notes) (Def316 - Email - Lloyd to Blaustein, 11/24/14)

Dr. Alan Blaustein Exhibit X (Therapist Notes) (Def331 - Email - Lloyd to Blaustein re Today's appointment, 1/12/15)

Bonnie Jacobs Notes (Def1059 - Bonnie Jacobs medical records)

Dr. Bonnie Jacobs Exhibit Y (Therapist Notes) (Duplicate) (Def1059 - Bonnie Jacobs medical records)

Dr. Bonnie Jacobs in Print - Therapist Notes 2011-2014 _ 2019

Dr. Connell Cowan Exhibit R (Therapist Notes) (Def1057 - Cowan Progress Notes - 8/26/14)

Dr. Connell Cowan Exhibit S (Text Messages) (Def528 - Texts - Amber Heard and Cowan, 12/15/15)

Dr. Connell Cowan Exhibit T (Text Messages) (Def536 - Texts - Amber Heard and Cowan, 12/16/15)

Dr. David Kipper Proffer Exhibit E (Email) (Def268 - Email - Kipper to Dembrowski re update, 8/18/14)

Debra Lloyd Proffer Exhibit G (Medical Notes) (Plt41 - Debbie Lloyd Notes)

Erin Falati Proffer Exhibit H (Medical Notes) (Plt46 - Erin Boerum Nursing Notes)

Erin Falati Proffer Exhibit I (Text Messages) (Def535 - Texts - Amber Heard and Boerum, 12/16/15)

Erin Falati Proffer Exhibit J (Text Messages) (Def543 - Texts - Amber Heard and Boerum, 12/17/15)

Erin Falati Proffer Exhibit K (Text Messages) (Def549 - Texts - Amber Heard and Boerum, 12/18/15)

Erin Falati Proffer Exhibit L (Text Messages) (Def555 - Texts - Amber Heard and Boerum, 12/19/15)

Erin Falati Proffer Exhibit M (Text Messages) (Def558 - Texts - Amber Heard and Boerum, 12/20/15)

Erin Falati Proffer Exhibit N (Text Messages) (Def733 - Texts - Amber Heard and Boerum, 5/21/16)

Johnny Depp Text Messages (Def310 - Text - Amber Heard and Depp, 11/10/14)

Dr. Laurel Anderson Proffer Exhibit B (Therapist Notes) (Def1046 - Anderson - Records from joint session)

Dr. Laurel Anderson Proffer Exhibit C (Treatment Notes) (Def1047 - Anderson - Treatment Summary)

Stephen Deuters Proffer Exhibit B (Def229 - Text - Amber Heard and Deuters, 5/25/14)