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March 16: Added the recently posted additional Fairfax docs here. // previous updates

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Who's who?
(incl. links to witness statements, testimonies, social media pages etc.)


US Trial, Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard (top)

civil trial, jury trial
currently set to begin on May 17, 2021

trial dates:
April 11 to May 05, 2022, break, May 16 to May 27, 2022
(Fridays are trial-free days.)

US trial calendar

Court Documents (click to expand)

- Fairfax/Virginia court documents

- Unsealed Fairfax Court Documents

- additional Fairfax docs

- documents related to JD's motion to compel the ACLU

- Transcripts (audios, depositions, hearings, US Trial testimonies, taken from various court docs)

- other documents

Exhibits (click to expand)

- Trial Exhibits

- Exhibit List - Amber Heard

- Exhibit List - Johnny Depp

Witness Lists (click to expand)

- US Witnesses (pdf)
(witnesses who testified)

- US Witness List (pdf)
(list of every witness who was subject to be called)

- Witness List - Amber Heard (pdf)

- Witness List - Johnny Depp (pdf)

Photos (click to expand)

- Bahamas, December 30, 2015, taken by Greg Williams

Unofficial Transcripts (click to expand)

- Day 1 - Opening Statements (pdf) via Ashley Taylor

- US Trial Daily Transcripts via Nick Wallis

List of subpoenes (pdf) assorted by date and in alphabetical order.


UK Trial, Johnny Depp vs. NGN & Dan Wootton (top)

civil trial, no jury, July 07-July 28, 2020

UK trial calendar incl. witnesses PDF / image

court documents


Incidents 01-14 (claims, evidence etc.)

Evidence List & Info

Photos (click to expand)

- Incidents 01-14

- Johnny's injuries

civil trial = on the balance of probabilities, criminal trial = beyond a reasonable doubt
NGN won, Amber Heard did not (she was a witness only)
JD losing means the judge didn't believe him, it does not mean JD was convicted or found/proven guilty


Rocky Brooks Trial (top)

currently set to begin on October 25, 2021
moved to July 25, 2022
"Notice of Settlement" was filed on July 11, 2022

court documents & photo


2016 (top)

court documents


Misc (top)

Adam Waldman (JD's lawyer) tweets from July 2020 to April 2021

Amber Heard on May 27 & 28, 2016 (photos)


Deposition videos

Evidence Analysis

JD - legal documents (pdf) by naruto uzumaki
JD - recordings (pdf) by naruto uzumaki
(Note: these include commentary/opinions of a JD supporter, so could be considered "biased" by those who do not support him, but might be food for thought for the open-minded)

misc audio/video

Penthouse pics/video

Press (articles/blog posts etc.)

unassorted PDFs


Social Media (top)

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- Nurse Liz

- TherapistTalks

- YT playlist of streams for each day of the US Trial, via ImFcknRakin!

Lawyers (click to expand)

- Alyte (LegalBytes): twitter // youtube // YT playlist

- Andrea Burkhart: twitter // youtube

- BlackBeltBarrister: twitter // youtube
his petition to Re-open Appeal (UK) of Johnny Depp defamation case

- Chandler Remington (paralegal): twitter

- Christopher Melcher: twitter

- Dina Doll: twitter // tiktok // youtube

- The DUI Guy+: twitter // youtube // YT playlist

- Bri: twitter // youtube

- Emily D. Baker: twitter // youtube // YT playlist

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